‘a Sea of Salons’ is a creation that has evolved (both in my head and on various scribblings!) over a number of years.

The main aim of my blog is too provide a central point in which I’d like to highlight and promote the professional services of salons in and around the Lincolnshire area, thus providing the general public with all manner of up to date salon activity and information, products, services, reviews, personal experiences, training opportunities, recruitment etc …. pretty much ‘all things salon’….. eventually!

This I appreciate, will take time and everything has to start ‘somewhere’… this is my ‘somewhere’, so please bare with me and I will hopefully ‘deliver’ with my collection of morsels and musings …?

Please do feel free to join in any which way you feel appropriate – otherwise it is just me talking to myself!  …

You can comment, email, Pin, Tweet or just ‘like’ …. all currency accepted

Bit of history if you fancy it … well they do it on Great British Sewing Bee and ‘Bake Off’ !! ….

I love to talk – and equally love to listen …. really! ….

‘I love to talk’… So I’m told!!
Whilst I don’t work as a hairdresser now, I still call myself one – you can never travel without a pair of scissors in your bag once you’ve been a hairdresser! …. I’ve even had them confiscated at airport security when forgot to take them out of my handbag – that hurt!

So when the opportunity came up to work with Hair and Beauty Apprentices at the Grimsby Institute in 2006, I jumped at the chance! – I was able to work with many local and regional salons; visiting them regularly, chatting, watching them work (love that bit!) and learning about their individual businesses and their professional services.
It was their individuality (yet similarity too) that gave me a keen interest (teamed with inspirational tutors on my Human Resources qualification at Grimsby University Centre) for the business side of salons and how they all work… with very similar end products and goals …..
A culmination of creative and talented professional people, the majority with a keen eye for business too.

‘I love to listen’ … once I shut up!?
I’m a self confessed ‘people watcher’ ….. as well as a listener!

A good hairdresser needs to be a good listener don’t they? …….. That client with a picture…. (the picture in her head!):
“I’d like it like the woman, (you know the one??)… the woman on last week’s X factor” (because of course you watched it too?) “ .. the one who sat on Simon’s knee … that woman… It was shoulder length, bit wispy on the sides, parted in the middle and I think …. I’d like my hair like her please”

I do hope you were listening?? 😮

There’s nothing more interesting than conversation and chit chat in general – you find out all manner of things! Things you need to know and some you’d rather be spared in so much detail??!

It may be the person you’re standing talking to – it may be the person in the next chair? (We all do that don’t we??) …… ‘Snip-its from the next chair’ … that’s a great title!

Do email me your ‘snip-its’, just please don’t mention names!

About me

Hi I’m Helen

Since being mesmerised at just 10 years old, whilst at a friends house - watching his mum having her hair cut I realised; ‘that is what I want to do’. So, no surprise then, that after leaving school, despite comments to dissuade, I trained and became a hairdresser myself.

Since then, in the wonderful world we live - my life has turned corners and crossed streets, but the job I love still found me dealing on a day to day basis with ….. hairdressers :)

Call us what you like - we’ve heard it all! But you’ll not find a good stylist or beauty therapist who doesn’t have a wealth of information and understanding of ‘what people want’? …. (And they’ll enquire about your night out/holiday/weekend too - happy days!)

Of those experiences, loves and understanding of the hair and beauty business - meeting all kinds of people along the way, I have found myself starting a blog that is ‘all things salon’ ….

So, in a sea of salons ….. which do you choose? What do you look for? How do you decide - there are so many!?!!

Your 'me time' is important - seek that 'little bit extra' from your salon experience….


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