…Customer service!?

…Customer service!?

I do believe that in some circumstances … it is the stylist, beauty therapist, nail technician that the customer visits …..
Ok.. it does help enormously if they are a skilled professional and carry out a top class service too!


But the professional’s interaction with us, as the client, is really important. Putting our trust in that one person’s hands – we seek that connection early on.
In most circumstances – I believe it’s this connection which determines whether or not that client comes back or not ….. I think this is called ‘customer service’ – and how many times in this increasingly rushed world of ours, do we hear stories and comments on ‘bad customer service’ – not necessarily the good service we receive too?


We may well show off our fabulous ‘big blow dry’ and recommend the stylist at S*****’s to our friends and family. But if we’ve had bad experience we tend to shout about it more…don’t we?


As a salon owner or manager, your customer’s experience could be the ‘only’ thing that differentiates your salon service from the salon on the next block.


Richard Branson makes millions from getting the ‘little things’ right for his customers… he says “I remain obsessive about traveling on our planes and visiting our businesses with note book in hand, to chat with staff and check the little touches that make our service unique”


It’s a ‘no brainer’ that all businesses should monitor their customer service – spending time to look at the ‘little things’ that make a difference.


What makes the difference to you as a customer? …. A mirror in the loo to check your teeth (not your hair colour whilst still in foils)?? A biccie with your cuppa? A good shampoo? A stylist who respects that you want to sit and relax and be quiet?


Please do tell….. and I’ll spread the word :)


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  • Nikki Kellie
    November 16, 2015 at 8:57 pm

    Keep the articles coming – great to read such a common sense approach. Loved the customer service piece, there’s two sides the success, the service provided and the person providing it!

    • aSeaofSalons
      November 19, 2015 at 12:18 pm

      Thank you Nikki – It’s lovely to receive written positive feedback :)
      I’m pleased you loved the Customer Service piece too …. it’s something that you can never stop aiming to improve :)


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