De-Lovely through and through …

De-Lovely through and through …


De-Lovely Beauty Salon …….. owner Kate’s warm and personable nature is evident from the moment I stepped into her beautifully appointed salon, greeted with a smile and an outstretched hand :)



Kate spoke to me about her initial vision for the salon and her drive and determination from the beginning …. to create and maintain purely ‘customer focussed high standards of service’ for all of her clients.

Her ultimate goal, ‘to pass on new discoveries, whilst being realistic to achievable possibilities’. Always referring to specialists where necessary, she added “I think you are either a beauty salon or an aesthetic procedure salon…… I don’t really like the word ‘beauty’ though … it can create a false image, beauty comes from within. Everyone can be their own beautiful…..
Treatments such as botox and fillers always need to be carried out by a trained nursing practitioner, not a beauty therapist, but I do believe we all have a place”
What is your vision for the salon?

“To offer people achievable goals within their budget and means. Using and selling products and packages that are affordable, in order for clients to maintain a routine well after they have left the salon.
Our product prices can easily relate to many of those found on the high street. Look at what the average person spends in a chemist or at a beauty counter? …

How many times do we buy a bottle or jar of something, only to find it wasn’t what we thought and so it gets pushed to the back of the cupboard, unused?
If we could all identify which product works best for us from the beginning, life would be so much simpler … and more cost effective too!” she concludes.
What would you say was your ‘unique selling point’? 

Germaine de Capuccini products and services.

A Spanish company that have been running for 50 years. Very carbon footprint friendly … I like that … Naturally yet scientifically driven – really lovely staff and representatives, very personable and sincere – available all the time for advice and their product knowledge is second to none”

Kate adding – “I have even imparted some advice to the rep’ Carole too – My top tip being ‘coconut water’ – fantastic stuff….. :D”



Who are your main client group?

“Young clients are attracted I think, by our De-Lovely Brow treatment – brilliant treatment including tint, wax, thread and shape .. with a High Definition which can last up to 8 weeks!”

“Clients are of all ages. We offer many of our main treatments to clients 35+ years. Including full holistic and relaxing therapies such as reflexology”
Reflexology working on the pressure points of the feet which coincides with areas of the body which maybe imbalanced….. extremely relaxing! 

This also includes a foot massage – deeply relaxing & reinvigorating.
*Kate offers a virtual trip to an island of your choosing during these therapies … who’s not up for that?! :)


Endorsing high standards throughout all the therapies on offer at De-Lovely, Kate recognises the individual skills and experience of her multi talented staff …. adding “if you want the best nails, I can recommend another of my lovely staff, however: if you want to visit that paradise island …. book your reflexology with me!”


They also offer an extensive array of delightful Germaine De Cappuccino facials.



Which do you feel are your most popular treatments?

“Nail services are very popular – Gel nails in particular, we use fantastic OPI colours”


aSoS’s note: Worth checking out the colour names….!
From the new shades … ‘Stop it I’m Blushing’ to ‘Be there in a Prosecco’ ….
My particular favourite being ‘Pedal Faster Suzi!’ … Love it 😀 )


Other most popular services include the wonderful range of individually tailored facials, massages and body treatments. No-one is left out!



Unique in this area, to De-Lovely:

Products from:
Salt of the Earth – Handcrafting fresh, down-to-earth bath and body goods, using naturally sourced ingredients.

Adam and Eve – An all natural hot wax treatment from Australia – Hot wax being favourable to cold, as it wraps around the hair itself, so takes the hair, not the skin :) Removing the hair first time, every time…. and equally important; easily and painlessly!
Very worthwhile mentioning ….. All of the Germaine products are completely Chemotherapy friendly too.
As a cancer survivor … (Kate is not only a remarkable woman in keeping positive and talking openly about her individual fight and respect of others who too have battled…) She adds…. “Cancer stays with you, I’m a big advocate for getting the message across about surviving cancer. You learn to live with the fear… we all ‘cope’ differently, we are all unique – but anything positive can bring strength to strength, and I’m all for that”



Lastly …. a quick chat with Salon Manager – Heather:


Heather has been with De-Lovely since November 2015. She has been a qualified Beauty Therapist for 16 years and juggles her work at De-Lovely with life and 3 children.

She used to be a salon manager within a department store and after having children says “It can be daunting to get back into working when you’ve been out of it for even a short while, so when a previous co-worker contacted me to say Kate was looking for another staff member, I got in touch straight away. I’m so pleased I did too … De-Lovely is a palace to work in! Everything about it… the girls, the products, the decor, the clients, the atmosphere …… it’s all fantastic :D”

Adding “It’s so nice to work in an environment where everyone has same ethos…. It’s all of the basics and then ‘something else’ …… the clients are just so relaxed when they leave!”



If you would like to experience for yourself the delights that Kate and her team at De-Lovely offer, then do give them a call or drop in …

3 Waltham Road
DN33 2LY

Telephone: 01472 488495

Opening hours:

Tues: 10am – 7pm
Wed: 10am – 5pm
Thurs: 10am – 6pm
Frid: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm

Sunday and Monday closed for girls to relax themselves :)



If you would like a ‘Love to talk’ feature of your salon or spa, please drop me an email…. and I’ll gladly oblige  :) 

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